Frequently Asked Questions

1What are your hours?
We are open every day through Halloween night. Open from 11am - 10pm Nevada Day and Halloween. Rainbow is open 2pm - 10pm Nevada Day and Halloween.
2Is there a fee for admission or parking?
Parking is free. Admission is all-inclusive for Halloween weekend. Admission is $20 on Nevada Day and Halloween. The $20 per person admission includes 25 tickets to be used through out the park including games, rides, pumpkins and food!
3How much does it cost to go on the rides?
Tickets are $1 each or a family pack of 25 for $20. Each ride and game costs anywhere from 3-5 tickets
4Where are you located?
We have three locations: In Boca Park on the corner of Rampart and Alta, on the corner of Rainbow and W. Warm Springs, and on the corner of Silverado Ranch and Las Vegas Blvd.
5Are Pets Allowed?
No pets allowed.