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September 8, 2020
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September 9, 2020

Have You Been Boo’d?

It may seem a little extra, and one more thing to add to your already packed calendar, but the neighbor tradition of “booing” your friends is worth it.
Creating a Boo Bucket (or bag) can be as simple or ornate as you would like, it’s about the excitement and mystery. Keep it simple by just dropping a box of cookies (Halloween Oreos and Lofthouse are always a favorite) or go all out and fill a bucket with fun and festive treats.

Great places to grab treats include the Target Dollar Spot (not a dollar anymore though), Dollar Tree and the 99c store. Grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Sprouts offer a fun selection of pumpkin goodies this time of year.

las vegas halloween

Want to surprise an adult, consider include savory seasonal snacks, coffee or tea, themed napkins, sweet treats, ornate pumpkins, baking or soup mixes and anything fun fall items that would bring joy to their home.

For children, some items to include are seasonal candy or cookies, glow sticks, coloring pages, window clings, bubbles, baking mixes, apple cider or hot cocoa and arts & crafts. Grab an inexpensive Halloween bucket or bag to keep with the theme.

Below are some favorite printable notes and signs to help you Boo your friends in style.

Download this printable set from Fun-Squared.

Happiness is Homemade created these adorable printables. 

Grab this elegant printable from Anna and the Blue Paperie.

If you’re booing friends with allergies, download these printables from FARE.

Boo all your friends with tickets to Halloween Town. 25 tickets are just $20!

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