When you and your family and friends want to celebrate Halloween in Las Vegas, you may be looking for some child-friendly fun. Some Halloween activities can be scary for kids, which can make it challenging to know where to go or what to do. These ideas will help you to celebrate Halloween in a safe and family-friendly way.

Pumpkin Patch

Take a daytime visit to the pumpkin patch. The kids can touch and look at all the different sizes and shapes of the pumpkins. You can buy one big pumpkin to take home and carve or let everybody get their own smaller pumpkin to decorate as they wish. Many pumpkin patches also have fun activities such as face painting, hayrides and props for taking photos.

Trunk or Treating

Find out if any neighborhoods or organizations near your home offer trunk or treating. This child-friendly take on the traditional beggar’s night still allows your kids to wear their costumes, but it takes place during daylight hours. Trunk or treating is in a parking lot and people stand near their cars and pass out candy. If your kids are scared of the dark, this is a safer and easier way to get some candy.

Throw a Kids’ Party

While most Halloween parties are geared toward adults, you could throw your own party and make it child-friendly. Decorate with pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, some cute scarecrows, cut-outs of bats and cats and some curly orange and black streamers. You could do activities such as dipping caramel apples and sprinkling them with toppings. Set up some games such as having kids reach into a bowl with their eyes closed to feel strange things such as peeled grapes, cold spaghetti noodles or squishy gelatin. Decorating Halloween cookies is also fun for kids.