10 Fun Ideas for Your Halloween Party

Las Vegas Halloween Tips & Tricks
September 8, 2020
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September 8, 2020

We love Halloween! How can we not! We’re Halloween Town, Las Vegas’ favorite pumpkin patch for more than 20 years. Halloween is a fun time of year and full of parties and treats, family events and festivals. With the help of Vegas Family Guide we’ve rounded up 10 fun Halloween party ideas.

Top 10 Kids’ Las Vegas Halloween Party ideas

#1 Halloween Mystery Boxes

Christina’s Adventures brings us this great idea that is perfect for a family-friendly Halloween haunted house.#2 Pumpkin Ring Toss

las vegas halloween

This great idea comes from growingajeweledrose.com and is the perfect fit for little pumpkins. Toddlers will love this game and moms love how simple it is to create.

#3 Donut on a String

Found on ehow.com

This one of our favorite time-honored traditions. It’s better than bobbing for apples! Head over to grab some string and run to PinkBox for this simple game that is loads of fun! #4 Pumpkin Toss Game

Found on bhg.com

Thanks to Better Homes & Gardens for this idea. Turn those Amazon boxes into a fun game for your Halloween Party.

#5 Balloon Catch

Found on mylifeandkids.com

Keep those littles busy with this fun game than can easily be created for any age group. My Life and Kids gives us this great idea to take fun to new levels at your Halloween party this year.

#6 Poke a Pumpkin for a Prize

Kids Halloween Party Ideas Win a Prize CupsIt’s time for the orange Solo cup to shine with his fun game. 

#7 Go Go Squeeze Mummy Pouches

Gauze goes a long way for mummies on Halloween. You can also use white streamers. Don’t stop with apple sauce pouches, bring some mummified juice boxes to the party as well. Add some googly eyes for an extra special touch.

#8 BroomStick Snacks

Kids Halloween Party Ideas Broomstick Snacks

Blommi.com brings us one of my favorite Halloween treats and definitely one that will bring in rave reviews from classroom parties. Add a touch of sweet to this this savory treat by swapping the onions for licorice strings.

#9 Healthy Party Snacks

Kids Halloween Party Ideas Healthy Snacks

A healthy favorite for Halloween! Boo-nanas and pumpkin oranges are simple, healthy and fun for the kids.

#10 Halloween Bingo

Kids Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Bingo

This cute little printable is from www.crazylittleprojects.com

Vegas Family Guide also has a fun Trick-or-Treat Bingo game that you can print here. 

Top 10 Las Vegas Kids Halloween Party ideas

Find more great ideas for your Las Vegas Halloween Party on our Pinterest board.

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